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    STS Covid Travel Update – 3rd September 2021

    View our safety charter here.

    We understand that recent recommendations by the European Council regarding policies around foreign travel have posed some questions. We would like to clarify what this will mean for people travelling to Ireland from the United States. The recent announcement of the European Council’s decision to remove the US from its ‘safe’ list we wanted to confirm with you that Ireland’s travel advice for US arrivals remains unchanged.

    Even though the European Council has decided to remove the U.S. from its ‘safe’ list, please note; this is not a ban on U.S. travellers. This is a recommendation from the E.U. to its member countries to place restrictions on travellers from the U.S. to minimize risk. However, each E.U. member country still sets its own rules and regulations and Ireland’s policy for incoming visitors from the U.S. remains unchanged.

    From June, 2021 until recently, the U.S. has been on the list of countries considered to be at a low Covid-19 risk. With this, the E.U. policy has been that member countries allow U.S. travellers less restrictive entry regulations. With the recent number of U.S. Covid-19 cases continuing to increase, this policy change was anticipated.

    Our team at Specialized Travel Services has been following developments closely and are in regular contact with our representatives in the Irish Travel and Tourism industry. We will continue to follow announcements and advise our partners of any changes. Until then, please be advised that current entry regulations remain in place and current guidelines can be found on the Irish Government Website here as well as on the Northern Ireland Government website here.

    For a clear explanation of current rules and regulations, we have found this article from the Washington Post report to be most informative.

    Many thanks from the team here at Specialized Travel Services for your ongoing support of tourism in Ireland. We look forward to working with you and to continue welcoming guests to Ireland.  Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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